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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Business week online Slideshow speed icons

Guys, I found a different approach of slideshow, displaying fast and slow speed action icons on Business week online. I think, its really strange to understand the design concept at the first glance. The icons, the designer has used a Rabbit to depict fast speed and turtle for slow speed action. Also to mention there is a small speed dial placed in between these icons. This speed dial is flash animated, which displays the time lag for the next slide to showup. To have a view at this fine act of artistry, I am pasting the image for your thoughts. Have a look ...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Product Design Resources Site

I wanted to share this link long time back, blame it on my laziness. This is great site for Product Design news and resources. The site
Core77 is one of the top design related site, which hosts a variety of links ranging from design seminars, design contest, exhibitions, jobs, discussions, design schools, portfolios, blogs and photo galleries. It was started in 1995 and has served a devoted audience of industrial designers from all levels, students to professionals. The photo galleries section of the site displays new product designs concepts, industrial design concepts and more on new trends and ideas. It sure is a great feast for the creative people who want to get inspired and want to know about what's happening in the design world.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Darkeye : Net's best website showcase

I found this site while browsing through Res72, a design resource site which list the sites addresses for Images, Font, Vector, Audio, Photoshop, Code, Design and CSS resources. The site also displays latest featured sites, which lists the best design sites on the web. While browsing through this listing, I came across this site, Darkeye, this site list sites submited by the owner of the site, which would further be open for the public to view. People can search sites from the database, by giving the color values. You have to select 6 colors from the pallete below the search form. The search is then done according to the color hexa decimal codes and then the resulting sites are listed. Other fasinating thing , that really impressed me was the way AJAX technology is utilised on this site. When you submit your site url, it directly generate's a site six color Hexa codes. You can also have a personal gallery where you can save your choice of best sites or say your rated sites. The site apart from its functionality has a excellant visual look and feel, neatly structured, and well planned pages. It's worth visting site for some design inspirations.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Re-designing Pill Bottle > CleaRx

This is a interesting story and innovative example of how a graphic designer re-designed medicine pill bottle after her grandmother
accidentally swallowed pills meant for her Grandfather. She took this experience as a problem area and selected this topic for her final thesis in SVA (School of Visual Arts, New york). The design of the pill bottle is shown here, the bottle has a color ring which can have a color code for each family member for eg. green for dad, red for dad . The traditional color amber pill bottle is placed on its head, ideally the bottle is placed upside down and also has a flattened body which has labels which has crucial details about the drug, daily dosage on the top side and on the flip side warnings and pullout card and medical information on the flat side. The design was well appreciated and entered the Best Inventions of 2005 on Time magazine (Nov 21,'05 issue).

The take away from this simple design solution is the way Deborah has come up a solution for such a critical problem. From this example we can see what a small idea can turn into a great solution. People ! we have thousands so many problems around us everyday, which gets unnoticed .. try to focus on such problems and the world will be behind you.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fast Company Magazine > for Smart Savvy Guys

would like to recommend you all to start reading Fast Company, the magazine about new business trends and technology. You would get to read more about how businesses around the world are transforming themselves to stay in the market and also to get a bigger piece of the market share. What I like about this mag is these people dig in all the information from top notch companies around the world. The best thing is the magazine appreciates Design to great extent. They even publish Master of Design issue each year. This issue contains the top companies who are design driven innovators and who presume design as the main stream and back bone every product development company. There are some columns which are worth reading, especially I like the sack the CEO, which illustrates the CEO who got kicked that specific month, why he was kicked statics etc. etc. Other columns such as blogs best of blogs to read from various bloggers around the world. There are so many articles which would quench the thirst for people who wanna be a great entrepreneur and CEOs.
I highly appreciate the work this people present in their magazines. Last but not the least, the magzine covers are well designed and print with super quality.
So keep reading smart ... read Fast company..

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What's Flowscape ? What's in here ?

Hello world,
Welcome to my blog, Flowscape. My name is Abhi, am a UI designer / Information architect and most important, a simple thinker. I would be dumping down information in this blog, all the things hits or loops in my head. To be more prescise I would be talking more on the User interface, nex-gen devices and gadgets, technology and simple ideas. Before I start this blog to update as and when I would get time, but I promise to make this blog interesting and enriching with full of new ideas and thoughts.
Let me try and answer the questions in this post's heading.

What's Flowscape ?
Flowscape: as mentioned in the header of this blog is highly inspired from the thinking Guru Edward de bono method. This blog would be a repository for ideas, open dicussions and debates (if any). Flowscape is a method for getting all the ideas that boggle down in anyone's head in a proper order. We have the idea that in reality one thing leads to another, and we are usually pretty accurate at predicting what will lead to what. This may be one idea leading to another, one idea leading to a feeling, one idea leading to an action, one action leading to a particular consequence, etc.

So What's in here ?
On this blog we would be dicussing/articulating ideas, suggestion whatever is relevant to our everyday lives. We would be analayzing ideas, everyday products, nex-gen devices, user related problems to identify possible solutions for user's problems. To broadly say this blog would be serving as a repository of our ideas around new products, their usage from a usability percepective, creating dedicated opensource repository for all the UI/ID/IA group of people. Resulting in a comprehensive encylopedia of Ideas, user experience's and Usability methods.
The honest attempt is to bring all the designers/learners/ tech savvy people on the same page, where they can easily get information on the click, which will assist them to enrich themselves with new information and excel in their fields. The basic take aways would be how ideas can connect and how products/ application can be made more simpler then their present state.

with this note, I conclude the opening post for my blog.
Any suggestions/ideas would be highly appreciated...